Your Yard Is Part Of Your Pool Too

Your Yard Is Part Of Your Pool Too

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Too often, when Tampa homeowners are designing a pool, they focus too much of their time and money on the design of the pool itself. In addition to the pool design, Tampa homeowners should also concern themselves with the design of their yard. When building a pool, you’re significantly changing the design of your property and how you use the space. You’ll want to consider things such as:

  • The pool deck
  • Landscaping
  • Furniture

Below, you’ll find a brief breakdown of what to look for when designing these elements. Doing so will leave you with a much more complete pool design that ties seamlessly into your backyard.

The Pool Deck

There are many options available for your pool deck. Your contractor can help walk you through the available options and how they may tie into your backyard. For instance, some people elect to use natural wood, while others opt for stone pavers. If you live on a beachfront property, wood may look the best. If you live in a more “natural” setting, you may find that pavers and stones allow your pool to blend seamlessly into your backyard.

You may also think about adding bonus features into your pool deck design. For instance, any Tampa homeowners have begun adding outdoor kitchens or swim-up bars into their pool deck design. A good contractor can blend these elements into your backyard with ease.


Similar to the pool deck is landscaping. We recommend sticking with your existing landscaping when designing a pool, as this is natural to your home. However, since you live in warm-weathered Florida, you could also consider adding “tropical” flowers and plants that could thrive in the climate. If you have a large budget with which to work, consider adding palm trees. You can also look into adding native shrubs to provide a tropical feel.


Furniture is one of the most overlooked parts of the pool design project. Many people consider it an afterthought. However, since you’ll be spending a lot of time outside, we believe it’s just as critical as other pool elements. Make sure you find furniture that matches your pool deck and landscaping.


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