World’s Strangest Swimming Pool Spas

World’s Strangest Swimming Pool Spas

Most folks swimming pool spas on their patios or backyards in a spot that offers them the ideal view from their new relaxation oases. We want to support our customers’ creative impulses. Take a look at these extreme spas, and get your creative juices flowing:

Caves and Mountaintops
In Japan, there are many natural hot springs where resorts have served customers for centuries. Some are located in very exotic and remote places, and may even be popular with the local primate population.

The Katikies Hotel in Santorini, Greece takes a more conventional approach. It has installed a spa inside of a volcanic rock cave, providing breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. Going the opposite route, The Homestead Crater in Wasatch County, UT is 64 feet deep and 96-degrees all year round.

Suspended Relaxation
The Swiss are known for their love of hot tubs and spas, the country having become synonymous with their use. Some mountaineers in Switzerland wanted to combine their interests in spas and climbing in a unique way.

The climbers built a hot tub suspended under the Gueuroz Bridge, the highest arch in Europe. Some will truly stop at nothing in pursuit of a great view.

Hotels With Unique Spa Concepts
Hotels around the world are taking innovative approaches to spa construction. Some take advantage of their unique locations while others utilize modern technology and design.

At Green T. House in Beijing, the hot tub is filled with green tea. The Aquadome Spa in Längenfeld, Austria constructed hot tubs in “levitating bowls.”

The Luxema 8000 – Enough Said
Swimming Pool Spas are considered a luxury by most people. Yet no one wants a simple hot tub with no added features. Luckily, the geniuses at SPAmbient of Slovenia have created the Luxema 8000. This two-tiered hot tub comes with a flat screen TV, built in sound system, and, most importantly, its own bar. Other models by SPAmbient have features such as rowing machines and infinity pools.

Hot Tub Innovations for the Modern Home
Modern homes are all about multitasking design features. A hot tub that is just that is not enough for today’s consumers. Some take this to a whole new level, with floating hot tubs that offer a relaxing boat ride. Portable hot tubs are also much more attractive and functional now than ever.