Benefits Of Winter Swimming Pool Construction

Benefits Of Winter Swimming Pool Construction

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Many people assume that pool construction should be completed during the summer. This could not be more wrong! Whether you are breaking ground on a new pool or reconstructing your existing pool, the best time to do so is the winter. This is the case because of five primary reasons.

  • Your Cost Could be Lower – Contractors may be looking for more work during the winter months, which means they should be more willing to negotiate and compromise on your project’s cost.
  • You May Be Able to Receive a Tax Break – If you’re looking for a way to reduce your taxable income as the year comes to a close, pool construction may be a way to do so. Plus, Congress is currently discussing a tax overhaul, and there’s no telling if a tax break for pool construction costs will exist this time next year. It’s best to take advantage of it now, while you know it still exists! Please be sure to consult a tax professional or accountant for more details about this.
  • Faster Construction Times  – If your pool construction occurs during the summer, there’s a good chance that your contractor will be very busy handling multiple projects. Winter construction, however, allows your contractor to speed up the construction times for your project. Contractors may not have nearly as many pool construction projects going on during the winter because other Florida residents haven’t quite caught on to the fact that winter is the better time for construction! This is a potential advantage that should ensure your project is completed on time!
  • Cooler Temperatures – Not only will you receive your contractor’s undivided attention, but you’ll also get more out of the construction team. In the Florida heat, it’s easy for workers to overheat, which requires them to take breaks. Working in cooler temperatures will keep workers fresh, expediting your project and cutting labor costs.
  • You’ll Be Able to Enjoy Your Pool Next Season – If you complete your pool construction in the spring or summer, you’ll lose out on valuable time that could be spent using your pool. Completing your winter swimming pool construction project ensures that your pool will be ready for use when the weather begins to warm!


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