Why You Should Install An Outdoor Grotto

Why You Should Install An Outdoor Grotto


If you’re looking for a creative way to add style to your backyard, you should consider installing an outdoor grotto. A grotto is a wonderful feature to add to a pool. Outdoor grottos create a relaxing space that everyone can enjoy, at an affordable cost.

What Are Outdoor Grottos?

Outdoor grottos are additions to your pool or pool deck that are made to look like a cave. They are typically made with faux rocks that are reinforced by a steel frame. Using faux rocks gives you the ability to design your grotto in any shape you’d like. It also allows you to choose color patterns that match the style of your pool and surrounding landscape.

The choices are endless when it comes to grotto design features. Inside your grottos, you can choose to install anything you’d like, including seating, LED lighting, or a full bar or kitchen. Other pool owners choose to incorporate design features, such as slides and waterfalls, into the exterior structure of their grotto.

Why Install A Grotto?

There are three main reasons why you should consider installing an outdoor grotto this winter.

  • They Add Beauty – Grottos can instantly add a “wow” factor to your home. A boring pool can be dramatically transformed into a beautiful outdoor haven.
  • They Add Value – Grottos offer a great return on investment and will increase the value of your home. In Tampa, when so many homeowners have pools, adding a grotto can set your pool apart.
  • They’re More Affordable Than You’d Think – The cost of your grotto will depend on the size, style, and material used. But on average, they cost a few thousand dollars. This is a moderate price that should be seen as a worthwhile investment.

Share your ideas with your Tampa pool builder, who should be able to come up with an outdoor grotto design that leaves you satisfied and impresses your guests.


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