Three Water Features Perfect For A Small Pool

Three Water Features Perfect For A Small Pool

Many residents feel that they cannot have a pool of their own because they have limited yard space. However, thanks to modern pool building designs techniques, it’s easier than ever to fit a pool into a confined space. Even more so, pool owners do not have to sacrifice water features either. Below, you’ll find the three water features that are perfect for a small pool.

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Wall Spouts

If you choose to build a wall or ledge into your small pool, one option is to install wall spouts. Wall spouts act like miniature waterfalls. They’ll end up spraying small streams into the water. Your contractor may choose to space the wall spouts about a foot or so apart, so you should prepare to have at least three or four of these fountains.

Owners will likely be able to choose from dozens of designs. We’ve seen wall spouts that are both round and flat, and made of various different metals. We’ve even seen one pool owner install wall spouts of a dog’s face so that it looked as though the dogs were gurgling water into the pool!

Cascade Fountain

Cascade fountains are the ideal option who would like the effects of a full-sized waterfall but do not have the space to do so. A cascade fountain is installed into the edge of the small pool. It will then spray an arching fountain into the middle of the pool. Pool owners can choose the size of their fountain, although most fountains create a waterfall that’s about 12” wide.

Pedestal Waterfall

If a small pool owner would like a waterfall, a pedestal waterfall may be their best choice. Pedestal waterfalls do not take up much room. That’s because pedestal waterfalls rely on height and not width. Pool owners essentially have two options when it comes to pedestal waterfalls.

If the pool owner is installing a wall into their pool, they can create a lip, or pedestal, at the top of this wall that pours water into the pool. The other option that pool owners have is to stack a few rocks as a small ledge. When the water trickles down off the top of this ledge, it would have a waterfall effect.



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