The 7 Coolest Swimming Pool Water Features

The 7 Coolest Swimming Pool Water Features

Water features are a great way to bring life to your pool.  They can add interesting design elements or just an extra sense of fun.  So when you are considering your custom pool design, consider incorporating some of the seven coolest swimming pool water features.

  1. Spillover Spas

A spillover spa is a hot tub that has a waterfall feature that spills into your swimming pool.  Not only does this seamlessly integrate your spa into your pool, but it can help to regulate your pool temperature.

  1. Sheer Descent

A sheer descent is basically an arc shaped waterfall that descends from a higher platform.  The platform can be an number of design elements, but a sheer descent adds both a fun water element and a soothing sound to your pool.

  1. Rock Waterfalls

Rock waterfalls are a fun way add a natural look to your pool.  A cascade of water can rush or trickle down a custom built rock formation.  You can add several layers of these or have one giant feature.

  1. Deck Jets

Deck jets are a water feature built right into your pool deck.  They spray an arc of water overhead and into the pool.  Deck jets are usually adjustable and can spray in different shapes and patterns depending on the installation.

  1. Waterfall Planters

Waterfall planters are a great way to incorporate your garden design into your swimming pool.  Waterfall planters have a cascade of water that comes out of the side of a functional planter.

  1. Pool Water Fountain

Pool water fountains are fountains that are in the center of the pool.  They are a beautiful feature that can be customized in different sizes, shapes, and even colors.

  1. Scupper

Scuppers are essentially fountain tips built into walls or bowls.  Water pours through the scupper into the pool created a beautiful waterfall effect.  Scuppers can be extremely ornate or very simple depending on the design you want for your pool.

These are just seven of the beautiful water features you can add to your custom pool design.  So if you want a pool that has some of these cool water features, talk to the experts at Tampa Pool Builders.  Our knowledgeable staff has installed every kind of water feature and can help you decide which to install in your pool.


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