Three Reasons To Consider A Tanning Ledge For A Backyard Pool

Three Reasons To Consider A Tanning Ledge For A Backyard Pool

No longer are the days that a pool is merely a concrete hole in the ground. There are a number of features that can be added at an affordable cost, helping you get maximum enjoyment when using your pool. Tanning ledges are one of these features. They are very easy to install and are the perfect addition to any in-ground pool. Why should you consider adding a tanning ledge to your backyard pool?

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Great For Sunbathing

Their name says it all – tanning ledges are great for sunbathing. Tanning ledges are large, flat areas covered by shallow water. It’s easy to relax in a comfortable position on the tanning ledge while still being cooled off by your pool’s water. Some pool owners also opt to put a lounge chair on their tanning ledge so that they can lay in the sun.

Water naturally attracts the sun’s UV rays. It’s better to sunbathe in the water than it is elsewhere in your backyard.

Perfect For Children

If you have young children, a tanning ledge gives them a great place to enjoy the pool. The water on a tanning ledge is shallow enough for toddlers to splash around in while they are sitting down. A tanning ledge is a safer alternative than putting your young child in the pool, where they’ll require intense supervision.


A Tanning ledge is a great addition to any backyard oasis. The color options and designs that exist for your pool also exist for your tanning ledge, allowing you to come up with a design you truly love. It’s very easy for your pool contractor to build tanning ledges into your pool’s design. When incorporating a tanning ledge into the pool’s design, feel free to add features like waterfalls or fountains. Both are easy ways to create a stunning look in your backyard.


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