Swimming Pool Trends To Consider For 2017

Swimming Pool Trends To Consider For 2017

Swimming Pool Trends To Consider For 2017

Swimming pools have been a part of American backyards for decades, and giving your home this ultimate upgrade is something that any homeowner should consider at some point thanks to all they offer. But as with anything, sometimes a pool and its overall design can feel a bit dated.

Keeping up with swimming pool trends and style is important, and as 2017 swings into full gear it’s worth looking at some of the top pool to expect. Whether you’re installing a new pool or renovating your existing one, the following trends are great ideas to give your pool that little something extra.

  • Rockwork – Custom stonework is becoming a bigger part of swimming pool design. It gives a pool that natural look and feel, and it can transform the ambiance of any backyard.
  • Lighting – Lighting for a pool should involve two things – deck and backyard lighting and the interior pool lighting. Colored lights and specialty lighting can have an influence on a pool and is a trend that will continue to get more attention.
  • Sizes – Surprisingly, pool size trends are going in two opposite directions. Smaller pools are becoming more popular as smaller properties are increasingly common, while those with higher income levels are embracing larger pool sizes. No matter which fits for you, the idea of one standard pool size is a thing of the past.
  • Water Features – Fountains. Waterfalls. Hydrotherapy jets. All of these water features are becoming popular additions to pools and will continue to increase in popularity over 2017.
  • Custom Tile – Custom tile work has always been a part of pools, but modern tile work brings a whole new range of options. In particular, mosaic tiles add an aesthetic beauty that is hard to match and can bring out your style in your pool.

These are just a few of the big trends for swimming pool design that 2017 is likely to see an increase in popularity. The only limit to your pool is your imagination, and talking to a custom pool designer is the first step towards creating a backyard masterpiece that you and your family will never want to leave.


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