Top Swimming Pool Toys For Adults

Top Swimming Pool Toys For Adults

Swimming Pool Toys For Adults

Swimming pools are one of the nicest additions you can have in a home. Not only do they help increase property values, but they help give the whole family a place to relax, beat the heat, and have some fun.

When most people think of pools, it’s the kids playing around with various toys while the adults swim a bit, float around, or just relax. But there are plenty of great swimming pool toys out there that are designed with adults in mind. Giving your pool the right toys could give the older residents of your home the chance to have a blast this summer.

With that in mind, here are a few of the best swimming pool toys out there for adults:

  1. Floating Golf Green – Golf lovers will find that this is a perfect way to practice while beating the heat. The green floats around the pool while you practice chipping from the deck onto the green. Balls float, so they’re easy to dive in and retrieve between rounds.
  2. Pool Poker Table – Poker parties are already plenty of fun, but what happens if you and your pals are playing in the pool? An inflatable table and premium floating lounge chairs combined with waterproof cards makes this a great option for poker lovers.
  3. Beer Pong – For many adults, summertime fun has to include beer pong. This floating inflatable beer pong table lets you play a college drinking game classic right in your own pool. The floating targets add to the challenge, and the balls float as well so they won’t get lost.
  4. The Water Waiter – Serving drinks and snacks to pool guests isn’t always easy, but this water waiter makes it simple. Load up the float with drinks and use the remote control to drive it right to the recipient.
  5. Floating Cornhole – Another modern summer classic game is cornhole. Tossing beanbags at the target for points has taken the nation by storm, and when you’re playing with floating targets it’s even easier to enjoy yourself and challenge your friends.
  6. Climbing Wall – For those who want to get serious with their toys, climbing walls are becoming a popular addition to swimming pools everywhere. The splashdown that happens when you don’t reach the top lets you climb without worry and fear, and it gives you a great workout as well.


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