How To Choose A Swimming Pool Shape

How To Choose A Swimming Pool Shape

No longer are the days that you are forced to have a cookie-cutter pool design. Many pool designs come in all shapes and sizes, featuring sleek curves and rounded edges that make the pool stand out as a focal point of the backyard. Here is a look at how to select a swimming pool shape you are sure to love.

The ability to design a custom pool is also beneficial for many Florida homeowners since properties can be tight. Your local pool contractor can create a custom pool to fit in backyard spaces that were once considered too small. But the ability to develop a custom pool design could also become overwhelming quickly. Consider these tips and questions to ask yourself to help come up with a plan you’ll surely love.

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How Will You Use Your Pool?

Depending on how you wish to use your pool, specific layouts will be better than others. For example, if you plan to swim a lot of laps in your pool, you should consider having a long, straight design. If you have children or grandchildren who you know will use the pool for games, you’ll want a larger rectangular area big enough for them to do so.

Will You Add Any Additional Features?

If there are any additional features you would like to add, you should consider them when coming up with your pool design. Even if you do not install them during the initial construction, adding them later will be much easier if you have accounted for them beforehand. For example, if you would like to add a diving board or slide to your pool, you won’t want your pool to be too narrow. Give yourself a big enough “splash zone” to land!   

Rely On Your Local Pool Experts

While you may have an idea of the shape of the pool that you want, a contractor is your best bet for coming up with a design. Your local pool experts will be able to consider the criteria you listed above while also factoring in variables like your property line and the location of any lines, pipes, or wires hidden beneath the ground.

So, what swimming pool shape did you select?


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