Swimming Pool Pump Malfunction – What to do?

Swimming Pool Pump Malfunction – What to do?

pool pump malfunctions

Your pool pump is one of the most important pieces of equipment associated with your pool. It helps to clean and circulate water around your pool. You can probably imagine–or may already know–how devastating it would be to walk outside and discover your pool pump isn’t working. You should first identify why this may be the case, and then identify what you can do to fix the problem.

Why Did the Swimming Pool Pump Malfunction?

Given the frequent usage, swimming pool pumps can sometimes malfunction. One of the main reasons for this is because your pump has begun leaking, typically because of faulty seals. Your pump may also be malfunctioning because it is failing to pull water. It is possible that the motor to your pump is not starting, or is turning off on its own. A faulty pump could also be caused because the pump is only taking in the air. If you discover that your pump motor is making noise, there is also a good chance it has malfunctioned.

Repairing Your Pump

If you have determined what is causing the malfunction, you may be able to purchase the necessary replacement part and attempt to perform the repair yourself. You can also check to be sure that the pump is not clogged by excess debris. You can try turning the breaker back on; if the pump does not automatically restart, there may be faulty wiring within the pump.

Before working on any pump, you should ensure that the breaker is cut off. There is a high amount of electricity flowing to your pump. Failure to cut the breaker will significantly increase your chance of injury.

What If You Can’t Solve The Problem?

If you think you have identified why your pool pump is not working and have unsuccessfully tried to fix it, it may be time to hire a reputable company from the Florida area. A pool company can evaluate precisely why your pump is malfunctioning. Once the problem is identified, you should be advised by the pool company whether the pump is repairable or not – if not, it will need to be replaced.



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