What is a Swimming Pool Princess Deck?

What is a Swimming Pool Princess Deck?

swimming pool princess deck

When you have a pool, you also want to have an elevated deck for the pool and one of the decks you can choose is a princess deck. This kind of deck has a raised bar beam and is a way to add some dimension and depth to your customized swimming pool.

It is a great feature to have if you love to entertain and want to create the perfect oasis for unwinding during the weekend.

Benefits of a Princess Deck

With this kind of elevated deck, you are creating more practical space that you can use around your pool. It also helps you connect the spaces and brings your entire vision together.

Having a dramatic and elevated deck is also a pretty impressive sight when you walk outdoors to the pool area. It is a good way to keep an eye on everything that is going on which also lends to the overall safety of your pool area.

Additional Features

To make your princess deck stand out even more, you can consider adding in a few premium features to take it to the next level.


A water feature is a great way to add to the overall serene and calming environment you are creating. Not only will the sound of the flowing water go a long way in relaxing you, it also makes for a stunning focal point.

Shade Structures

When you start designing your pool area, you will probably want to find a way to incorporate some kind of shade structure. From covered pergolas to underdeck grottos, there are lots of ways you can incorporate this feature into your swimming pool area.

Fire Features

Adding in fire features is also a good way to add to the overall aesthetic and ambiance of the space while also making the area much more practical. It is a great way to impress your guests as well. You can choose from a fireplace, fire bowl, or a fire pit.

So, when it comes time to build or renovate your pool area, keep these features and designs in mind as you find ways to add elegance and style to your princess deck and swimming pool.



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