Swimming Pool Innovations

Swimming Pool Innovations

Swimming Pool Innovations

The old days of the traditional and mundane pool and backyard space are of the past. As we move into the future, we are offered updated and exciting features that we can add to our backyard space that will make everyone envious of the pool. Here is a look at some swimming pool innovations:

The Introduction of Deck Jets

Deck jets are a good way to add some excitement to pool time. They are arcs of water that reach from the deck or patio and go over the pool. They are typically two and a half inches in diameter and come in sets of four.

They create water effects for the pool that add a bit of magic and appeal. They are also very easy to operate and maintain, and you can choose to add sounds to accompany the water feature.

A Waterfall Feature

A waterfall feature is often the focal point of the swimming pool area and makes a great addition to the overall ambiance you are achieving. The soothing sounds, splashing water, and beautiful landscape also lend well to the overall effect this water feature achieves.

LED Lighting

Speaking of ambiance, what better way to create an environment perfect for gatherings at any time of the day or night with LED lighting. You can choose from different colored bulbs, so you can create whatever effect you want for your swimming pool and outdoor space.

They also last a lot longer than traditional light bulbs, so you have the added benefit of reduced energy consumption and light bulb replacement costs as well. Additionally, you can customize whatever color scheme you want for the pool, so you can have something that is appropriate for every holiday and gathering.

Creating a Stress-Free Environment

Combining all these high-quality features in your backyard and around your swimming pool will do wonders when it comes to creating the space of your dreams. The soothing sounds of the water features, the beautiful lighting, and the entertainment from the deck jets can create a comfortable environment that is easy to relax in and melt away the stress of your day.

They will also make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood, so don’t be surprised if you find that your home becomes the go-to location for neighborhood parties!


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