Swimming Pool Ideas: Vacation at your Home!

Swimming Pool Ideas: Vacation at your Home!

You don’t have to go to a far away tropical resort to enjoy a vacation. Save some money, gather some friends, and have an amazing vacation right at home in your own pool! If you have an upcoming staycation planned, why not turn your pool into an oasis and enjoy some pool-side fun with friends. Here are some swimming pool ideas to make the most of your vacation at home:

1. Clean your pool. Get your pool ready for the party by cleaning the water and surrounding deck or patio. Freshen up your landscape with some tropical potted plants. Take a weekend to do some landscape maintenance and gardening.

2. Prep your lounge area. Is your patio looking a little drab? Brighten it up with some new pillows on your lounge furniture. Put together decorative and functional buckets that have everything you need for a day of relaxation in the water: towels, sunscreen, magazines, and sunglasses.

3. Get your party gear ready. Waterproof radios or outdoor sound systems will let you blast your music without risking getting your electronics wet. Make an ambient pool party play list and break out your lounge chairs.

4. Prep your food. If you’re having a pool side BBQ, cook up some standby grill recipes like bleu cheese burgers or Teriyaki shrimp kebabs. If you’re planning a spa day, make fresh summertime salads and use extra ingredients like cucumber and avocado to make a refreshing facial mask.

5. Mix some tropical cocktails. What’s a pool party without a brightly colored, deliciously sweet cocktail? Instead of traditional margaritas, why not make a frozen blue margarita with blue curacao, pineapple, and lime juice? Try a new twist with a Cranberry Mojito using lime juice, 7Up, mint leaves, and cranberries. If your kids are spending staycation with you, don’t forget to make them some Shirley Temples or virgin strawberry daiquiris so they can join in on the fun.

6. Plan ahead for night-time. A day this relaxing will surely continue into the evening. Make sure you have adequate lighting, like solar deck lights, or put up some tiki torches that will add to the atmosphere while keeping bugs away.

Most of all, remember to stay safe, keep cool, and enjoy yourself! Contact us at Olympus Pools, Pool Builders in Tampa services provider so we can help you find your perfect swimming pool!