The Swimming Pool Fitness Factor

The Swimming Pool Fitness Factor

Most homeowners are building a pool because they want to enjoy more rest and relaxation in the comfort of their own backyard. While swimming pools can bring more fun to a home and even increase the property value, they have another great, life-extending property; they can make you much healthier.

If you are investing in a pool already, then why not also invest in yourself? Let the pool you choose pave the way for a longer and healthier life.

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Health Benefits of a Swimming Pool

When you regularly use your swimming pool for exercise, you will find that you can easily keep your heart rate up during your workout while taking some stress off the rest of your body. Swimming can also help build your endurance and muscle strength and can improve your overall cardiovascular fitness.

If you are looking to maintain a healthy weight, lose weight, or improve your heart and lung functioning, having access to a swimming pool for exercise can also help improve these areas of your health as well.

How Long Should I Swim?

To get a good workout while swimming, you should plan on being in the pool for at least thirty minutes. You should also try to stick to a schedule that allows you to do this three times a week. It is also a good idea to count your laps, so you can see the progress you make over time.

Basics of Swimming

You should always warm up with a couple of laps, kick for a few laps for some more aggressive activity, and then swim a couple more laps to come down. Swim conditioning is a good way to help maintain your muscle tone and improve your flexibility.

You will also soon discover if your swimming technique will need a bit of tuning as well.


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