Latest Swimming Pool Feature Trends

Latest Swimming Pool Feature Trends

Every year pool designers and landscapers come up with cool new features you can add to your swimming pool. This year the biggest design trend has by far been fire features. Fire features add a beautiful balance against the water of the pool and can really amp up the drama of your backyard oasis. Here is a rundown of the coolest fire features to considering adding to your swimming pool:

Fire Pits

Fire pits have traditionally been placed in the furthest area of the backyard so they don’t get extinguished by pool water. Recently though, designers have come up with clever ways to place fire pits along the edges of pools without the fire being snuffed. These newer model pits use oils and natural gas line that are resistant to water. Fire pits can now even be controlled by remote. They are a wonderful addition to the edge of your pool or hot tub.


Imagine soaking in your hot tub or taking a nighttime dip alongside a fireplace. The newest models of outdoor fireplaces use strong tempered and run on oil or propane. The glass and protects them from any splashing water so they can now be installed right on the edge of the pool. They are an ideal feature for adding warmth and luxury to your pool area.

Fire And Water Bowls

Fire and water bowls are probably the coolest fire feature to come out. They are a bowl that sits on a pedestal that has a scupper that cascades water into the pool. In the bowl itself, is a fire pit that runs off of natural gas. You can also fill this area with glass or natural stones for a customized look. Fire and water bowls are a really unique and elegant feature to add to any swimming pool.

Fire Cauldrons

Fire cauldrons, also know as fire pots, are large bowls that contain a fire pit. They can be added anywhere near your pool and come in a range of sizes to meet the design needs of any sized pool.

So if you are looking for a great way to amp up the look of your swimming pool, consider trying out these exciting swimming pool feature trends.


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