Protect Your Swimming Pool Cover This Winter

Protect Your Swimming Pool Cover This Winter

Even in sunny Florida, during the cooler months of winter, we use our pools less often. One of the best ways to reduce our pool maintenance and keep our pool in great condition when not in use is by using a swimming pool cover. However, pool covers are susceptible to damage if they are not properly installed.

Here is how you can avoid swimming pool cover damage and fix any issues you may have come up.

Make Sure Your Pool Cover Is Secure

The biggest cause of damage is improper installation. If the cover isn’t properly secured, it can get blown around in the wind and tear and damage. Your pool cover also must be secured tightly. If there is any slack, then you could have issues with pooling water and debris collecting on top.

Protect Your Pool Cover From Your Landscaping

Heavy winds can blow leaves and branches onto your cover. This plant debris can cause tears and holes that can damage the cover. They also can build up on top of the swimming pool cover, making it difficult to take off. So make sure that you have your lawn landscaped to remove any potential plant hazards. Also if you have a lot of leaf debris, consider adding a pool leaf net to block any leaves from collecting.

Consider Installing An Automatic Pool Cover

An automatic pool cover installed by a certified pool professional can reduce the problems you have with your pool cover. Automatic pool covers are installed tightly and secured along the swimming pool edge. With a simple switch of a button or a remote control, you can turn them on and off, so they not only add extra protection, they are extremely convenient. Automatic pool covers are less likely to be damaged than traditional pool covers; therefore they are a great investment.

If you pool cover does get damaged, you can patch minor holes and tears with a pool cover patch kit. However, you should consider reinstalling the cover to make sure that it doesn’t become further damaged. The best thing to do though, whether you use a traditional pool cover or an automatic cover, is to have a professional help you setup the installation. They’ll make sure your pool cover is installed properly and can point out any potential hazards, which will save you time, money, and hassle.


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