Swimming Pool Automation Features

Swimming Pool Automation Features

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Over the past few years, smart home technology has become increasingly prominent. Products like Nest thermostats and Amazon Alexa personal assistants can be used to help make your days easier. Florida pool owners will be happy to know that automation features have worked their way outdoors to swimming pools. There are now a number of swimming pool automation features available, all of which will enhance the experience of owning a pool.

Pool Chemistry

There are two primary chemicals required to maintain the proper pool water chemistry, chlorine and a pH reducer. In the past, pool owners have had to check chemical levels by hand and then put chemicals into the pool manually.

Now, there are devices that will do this for you. Tampa pool owners no longer have to worry about getting their hands dirty or handling harsh chemicals. Automated devices will track your water levels and disperse chemicals as needed.

Water Temperature

Imagine you’re coming home from an exhausting day at work. You’re very much looking forward to relaxing in your pool, but an infamous Florida thunderstorm came through earlier in the afternoon, and you’re worried that your water temperature will be too cold. With automation, this problem is a thing of the past.

Automation allows you not only to pre-program temperature settings, but it also allows you to adjust your water temperature from your phone or computer.

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Pool pumps are now automated, so you can program when you’d like your pool’s filtration system to run. Additionally, many robotic pool cleaners have a programmable timer so that you can schedule a clean. Cleaning and maintenance can be performed while you are away from your home, ensuring that your pool is fresh and clean when you return home.

Entertainment Features

If you’re looking to wow your guests, automating the entertainment features of your pool is a great way to do so. You can pre-program your LED lights to change colors throughout the day. Automation can also be used for water features and music.


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