4 Important Swimming Pool Accessibility Features

4 Important Swimming Pool Accessibility Features

swimming pool accessibility features

A backyard swimming pool is fun for everyone, but only when it’s accessible to everyone as well. Swimming pool accessibility features can be added to your backyard swimming pool to ensure that every guest, family member, and person who visits can use your pool without a problem. They can also be built into newly constructed backyard pools. 4 swimming pool accessibility features anyone can enjoy in your backyard are:

  1. Portable access ladders – Portable access ladders can be quickly moved from point A to point B, allowing individuals to enter the pool from a location most convenient for them. They can be removed when not in use and stored easily in a pool house or wherever you keep your various pool accessories.
  2. Permanent stairs – Installing permanent stairs that are easy to use in your pool is a great help to those who are able to stand and walk but may have trouble using a ladder to get into or out of the pool. Individuals dealing with balance and strength issues can find it very difficult or nearly impossible to use a ladder. Permanent stairs can be used by everyone regardless of their age or physical condition.
  3. Sloped entrance – A sloped entrance into your pool is a gradual and steady ramp that goes right down into the water. Complete with sturdy handrails, this allows a wheelchair to be safely brought into the pool from the decking above.
  4. Transfer wall – A transfer wall is an elongated area built upon the wall of the pool for those who need to be safely transported into and out of the pool and back into a wheelchair or a power chair. Typically, these are around 16 inches high from the pool deck and have a width of about 12 to 16 inches.

With these modern swimming pool accessibility features, your pool can be safely enjoyed by all guests and family members, and no one will be left out to watch the fun from the poolside.


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