Swimming Pool Swim-Up Bars

Swimming Pool Swim-Up Bars

Many Florida pool owners have been taking advantage of a growing trend in the industry. An increasing number of residential pool owners have been installing swimming pool swim-up bars, which are a convenient way to make the outdoor experience more enjoyable.

swimming pool bars

Why Have Swim-Ups Become More Popular?

Swim-up bars are a great feature to add to your pool. It’s fairly easy to do so, and they are more functional than some other add-on features. Swim-up bars make it easy to enjoy food or drink while still in your pool. The bars are very popular at tropical resorts. If you’re looking to turn your pool into a backyard oasis with a relaxed, resort setting, a swim-up bar could be a great way to do so.

Swim-up bars don’t need to be exclusive to adults, either. Many families have installed swim-ups for their kids, especially if their children enjoy spending a lot of time in the pool. Tampa homeowners with families have stocked the fridge of their swim-up bar with Capri Suns, Gatorade, and other juices. Children can grab a refreshing drink and then continue swimming without tracking pool water into the home while dripping wet.

Swim-Up Pool Bars Can Save Space

If you’re considering putting a grill, kitchen, our outdoor bar near your pool, you can save space by incorporating a swim-up bar into the design. Combining the pool and kitchen features into one can allow you to maximize your backyard space.

You could end up opening space for additional seating or other features, like a firepit. Your swim-up bar can be designed so that you have seating both in the pool and on dry land.

It’s recommended that you install the bar in shallow areas of water. When sitting at the bar, you should be able to remain partially submerged in the water.


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