Stay-Cool Swimming Pool Deck Materials to Consider

Stay-Cool Swimming Pool Deck Materials to Consider

There’s nothing worse than getting out of the pool and burning your feet on the pool deck.  Pool decks bake under the hot Florida sun and can be a serious danger if you’re not careful.  Fortunately, this hazard can be prevented with good pool design.  When building your pool, consider using materials that stay cool in the sun.   Here are some of the best option for stay-cool swimming pool deck materials:

Travertine Tile

Travertine tile is a gorgeous stone tile that has been used around pools for thousands of years.  It’s porous material keeps the surface cool to the touch, so it will never burn your bare feet.  Plus travertine tile is extremely durable and since it absorbs water, will also make your deck slip-free.  It is the perfect material for pool decking.

Textured Concrete

A more cost-effective alternative is textured concrete.  The textured surface distributes the heat so that when you walk on it, it doesn’t burn the soles of your feet.  Plus the texture makes it so the surface is slip-free.  Textured concrete also comes in a variety of colors and styles so you can really customize the look of your pool.


Pool decks made from durable hardwoods offer a beautiful modern look.  They stay cool in the blazing hot sun and are non-slip.  Plus they are extremely strong and can withstand an average of 50 years of wear and tear from water and sun damage.  So they are a really great option for Florida decking.

Composite Coating

Besides these great materials, there are also a range of composite coatings that can be applied to your pre-existing decking materials to offer a cool surface.  These can be applied by a pool professional and are a cost effective way to reduce the hot surface around your existing pool.

No matter what option you decide for your pool decking, just keep in mind that under the blazing Florida sun, pool decks can become very hot.  So you want to make sure that when designing your pool, you choose a stay-cool deck material.  Our knowledgeable experts at Tampa Pool Builders can help you decide which of these stay-cool materials is right for your pool.


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