Four Advantages Of Saltwater Pools

Four Advantages Of Saltwater Pools

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A pool trend that we’ve seen grow throughout the Tampa area over the past few years is the use of saltwater as a pool’s source of water. Many pool owners have discovered that saltwater pools offer numerous advantages over traditional chlorinated pools. Curious about whether a saltwater pool is right for you? Consider these four advantages of saltwater pools.

They’re Not As Salty As The Ocean

When many people hear “saltwater pools,” they immediately think of swimming in the ocean. However, backyard saltwater pools are nowhere near as salty. In fact, saltwater pools have about 10% the salinity of the ocean. Most people aren’t able to tell that their pool water is actually saltwater.

The Water Feels Softer And Is Gentler

Chlorinated pools tend to be harsh on the skin and eyes. If you’ve ever tried to open your eyes underwater in a chlorinated pool, you are well aware of the burning sensation that is sure to follow. Saltwater pools drastically reduce this problem. Although there is still some chlorine in saltwater pools, the amounts are much lower than in traditionally-chlorinated pools.

Because of this, many pool owners have indicated that the water tends to feel “softer.” Saltwater has also been proven to help heal skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis. Saltwater is a natural moisturizer, so you’ll always leave your pool feeling refreshed.

Easier To Maintain

Saltwater pools produce chlorine naturally through a process called electrolysis. Because they self-chlorinate, saltwater pools tend to be much easier to care for. You will not have to check water levels nearly as often. Additionally, saltwater pools will reduce your maintenance costs in the long run. Although they require a larger initial investment, you will not have to buy expensive chemicals over the lifespan of your pool.

A Healthier Alternative

Saltwater contains bromide, which has been proven to help relieve muscle aches, pains, and soreness. Additionally, saltwater has natural anti-stress properties. The water promotes a natural relaxation process within the body.


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