Choose The Right Pool Depth

Choose The Right Pool Depth

Right Pool Depth

Many choices exist when you begin your new pool construction, and among these decisions and considerations you make, you will find that depth is something you can’t ignore. There are different depths available for your swimming pool, so to decide between them, you have to do a few things.

First, consider the type of pool you are having constructed and secondly, consider the type of activities you want to be able to do in your swimming pool. For example, will both kids and adults be playing and swimming? Will they swim from one side to the other and will they want to have the option to dive? Here is a look at the right pool depth options:

Average Pool Depths

Many people tend to fall back on the average established depths for a pool. The standard is staggering the depth between three, four, and five feet. However, you may also want to consider your height as well.

For Back and Forth Swimming

If you are going to do some back and forth swimming, you will want to make sure you have enough room to complete your stroke. This means you don’t want the water so shallow that your knuckles hit the bottom while swimming. The proper pool depth for this type of swimming should be a minimum of four feet.

For Diving

If you plan on doing any diving in your swimming pool, you should have at least nine feet of depth to do so safely. This is just a minimum figure, so you can go deeper if you wish. The nine feet is the minimum height for diving to avoid any injury.

For Kids

For a children’s play area, the shelf of the pool should be between three and five inches deep. It is the ideal depth for children and allows them to stay along the wall of the swimming pool.

The biggest con to choosing the five-foot depth for the pool would be the height restrictions you face for taller swimmers. Sometimes, it is nicer to have a deeper pool depth to play in, so you don’t feel like you are half in and half out of the pool.



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