Prepping Your Pool For Bad Weather

Prepping Your Pool For Bad Weather

prepping your pool

As the summer months begin to approach, hundreds of thousands of Floridians will start prepping for hurricane season. After the devastation caused by 2018’s Hurricane Irma, it’s worth putting extra time and money into this year’s preparations. Meteorologists are predicting the 2020 hurricane season to have above-average activity

In addition to protecting your home, one of the things you should consider is how to protect your pool from severe weather. Prepping your pool before the storm could save you money and ensure you’ll be able to swim again once the storm passes. No matter if it’s a pop-up thunderstorm or a hurricane threatening the Tampa area, consider utilizing the steps below to help protect your pool from bad weather this summer.

Cut Off Power

As severe weather approaches, the first thing for you to do is to power down your equipment. The easiest way to do this is to flip your circuit breaker off. If your pool equipment shorts, it could be costly to replace. By turning off your circuit breaker, you’ll protect equipment such as your

  • Pool Pump
  • Heater
  • Timer
  • Lights

Plan For Flooding

As Tampa residents saw last year, flooding is a significant concern with hurricanes. Flooding could also prove to be very troublesome for your pool equipment, especially your pool pump. If you have time, you should pull your pool pump and store it indoors, preferably on higher ground.

However, if this isn’t an option, you should consider wrapping the pump in plastic and duct-taping it to create a water-tight seal. You can also place sandbags around your pool equipment to help mitigate the risk of flooding.

Additionally, many people who are worried about flooding feel they need to drain their pool. However, there’s no harm in having too much water in your pool. Pool owners get into trouble when they over-drain their pool. If you drain more than a couple of feet of water from your pool, your pool is at risk of hydrostatic pressure that can cause problems.

So, here you have it, some simple tips on prepping your pool for bad weather!


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