Four Swimming Pool Safety Features

Four Swimming Pool Safety Features

Owning a pool makes summer very enjoyable. But, if you have small children or pets, chances are you are worried about their safety around the pool. Monitoring them around the clock can quickly become a hassle, and your pool will lose its appeal if you’re constantly overwhelmed and stressed because of it.

The good news is that you can add features to your pool that will help keep everyone safe. Whether you are considering building a pool or need to update your existing one because of an addition to the family, these pool safety features will be beneficial

Pool Alarms – Alarms are an absolute must if you’re looking to increase the safety of your pool. They come in many different varieties and can be used in any pool. Some alarms are fixed to the side of the pool, while others can float on a buoy in the pool. Alarms will alert you if someone has entered the pool, which is vital in case of an accident with a young child or pet. Underwater motion detectors can also be used to alert you whenever anyone is swimming

Pool Nets and Covers – You can add a retractable cover to your pool which will keep it covered when not in use, preventing anyone from falling in. Nets are also useful. The holes in the net are small enough that no one will fall in, but big enough that you can’t walk on it, either.

Ramps – If your pet does happen to get in the pool, you can provide means for a quick escape. There are ramps available that will allow your pet to exit the pool. These can be especially useful if you have a large pool with stairs on one side. Putting ramps in the deep end could save your beloved pet’s life.

Fence – A more permanent solution to pool safety, you can install a fence around your pool to help protect your children and pets. Gates for pool fences are typically locked and child-proof. You can also place an alarm on the fence gate to alert if you the gate’s been opened.


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