3 Pool Features For Fitness Buffs

3 Pool Features For Fitness Buffs

Or If You  Just Want A Little More Exercise!

fitness pool features

Swimming is one of the most effective exercises for your body that you can do every day. It gets the heart rate up, it works the lungs, and it engages the muscles without putting too much pressure or stress on the joints. It’s also an excellent option for those with balance-related conditions who may not feel safe exercising on a hard surface.

A pool is a must for many fitness buffs, but you can improve your backyard gym by adding various pool features as well. 3 pool features for fitness buffs, or those who want more variety in their workouts, are the following:

  1. Swimming jets – Swimming laps is great in an Olympic-size pool, but few can really incorporate one into their at-home backyards. Adding swimming jets to your backyard pool gives you a current to swim against, so you can swim, swim, and swim some more without ever needing to turn around as you reach a ledge. These swimming jets can be turned on when you want to swim for exercise and turned off when you are in the mood for more of a leisurely dip.
  1. Diving boards – If your pool is deep enough, installing a diving board can help increase your workout potential. Not only is diving fun, but it can also help you work the muscles in your legs and core and improve your balance while you’re on the board. The depth of the water near a diving board should be around 9 feet or deeper for safe diving.
  1. Basketball hoop – A game played on the court makes for a great time, but a game played in the pool makes for an even better time. Playing basketball or any variety of basketball games in the pool works your body in different ways than out on the court, and all you need is a basketball hoop. Installing a basketball hoop for your backyard pool is easy, and this one of many pool features that can be used on your own or with other people.


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