Three Swimming Pool Deck Features

Three Swimming Pool Deck Features

When designing your pool, you’ll quickly discover how important the swimming pool deck is. Pool decks are the bridge between your pool and your landscaping. Without a swimming pool deck, your pool will look awkward and out of place. A Pool deck typically provides a great area for your guests to enjoy themselves. When designing your backyard oasis, consider adding at least one of these three swimming pool deck features.

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Accent lighting is a great way to highlight certain features of your pool and pool deck. Your backyard oasis can appear complete by adding a few accent lights to your pool deck. Consider using LED lighting, which is energy-efficient and will cut costs.

Additionally, LED lighting is available in a variety of colors. Colors can be set on a timer so that they change throughout the day. For example, hues of orange can be used during sunset while dark blues or purples can be used at night. LED lighting is a good way to control the mood and ambiance of your pool deck.

Built-In Furniture

Many pool owners have installed built-in furniture into their pool decks. Built-in furniture serves as an inviting place to host guests or relax under the Florida sun. Built-in furniture is also more durable than furniture that is purchased in a store, which is prone to rusting or breaking. Non-built-in furniture can also quickly become weathered if left outside, while built-in furniture can withstand the elements. This is especially important when dealing with pop-up storms that tend to strike during the Florida summer.

Fire Features

If installing built-in furniture, you should also consider adding various fire features to your pool deck. A permanent fireplace can be installed, which is a cozy, relaxing place to enjoy the outdoors. A fireplace allows you to enjoy your backyard oasis without having to go swimming. Because of Florida’s temperatures, a fireplace can be enjoyed throughout the year.


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