Three Most Entertaining Pool Additions Your Guests Will Love

Three Most Entertaining Pool Additions Your Guests Will Love

Do you love to entertain guests in your backyard? If so, you should consider the following pool additions that would make your backyard even more fun than it already is. With summer approaching, there is no better time to time add these three most entertaining pool features that your guests will love.

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Swim-Up Bars

Swim-up bars are quickly becoming one of the most popular pool features for Tampa pool owners. Once reserved for fancy hotels and resorts, they can now be installed in your backyard easily. They are a great way to provide a refreshing drink or bite to eat for your guests on a hot day.


Waterslides used to be an expensive pool feature, but they have become much more affordable in recent years. Children especially will love seeing a waterslide in your pool and will end up finding themselves entertained for hours. You can choose to install either a pre-made or a custom-built water slide.

Mood Lighting

Mood lighting is one of the cheapest, easiest ways to transform your pool. With LED lights, you’ll gain access to a full lighting color spectrum. You can set your lights to run on a schedule. Many pool owners choose to have red and orange lights when the sun is going down, and bolder hues of blue and purple at night. The option is yours, but there is no doubt that mood lighting will add flair to your pool.

An Expert Pool Contractor Could Help

If you’d like to add any of these features, it’s best to contract an expert pool contractor. Installing some of these features can be tricky, as you must consider things such as

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Safety Concerns

However, your local Tampa pool contractors can help make installation a breeze. They will survey your existing pool structure and work within your budget to deliver a project with which you’re satisfied. Your completed project will be a big hit with friends and family this summer, but only if you act now. Summer will be here before we know it. The sooner you move, the more likelihood there is that the project will be complete in time for summer enjoyment.


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