What Is A Plunge Pool?

What Is A Plunge Pool?

One of the single most in-demand, new pool trends is the plunge pool. While many haven’t heard of plunge pools before, they’re certainly something worth learning a bit more about. A plunge pool is a smaller, shallower, and more compact version of a traditional pool, and it is a perfect fit for smaller backyards that may not have the room for a traditionally sized pool. It can be used to cool off with a couple of friends, or it can also be used to complete water exercises on a day-to-day basis.

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Plunge pools are typically around 8 x 16 feet, which is significantly smaller than the 10 x 20, 15 x 30, or 20 x 40 traditional backyard pool dimensions. The average depth of plunge pools is around 5 feet, but they can be deeper or shallower as a person sees fit. If the plunge pool is being installed for a person to use for water rehabilitation or aerobics, a depth of around 4 feet may be preferred. Because these pools are so much smaller than traditional pools, they are often more affordable to maintain. They use less water and less power, and they require somewhat less maintenance over time.

Swim jets can be installed into plunge pools to create a “lap” pool without taking up a lot of space. A person can turn on the swim jet and swim against the current to carry out their daily exercise. Swimming is one of the few exercises that work the entire body at once, and it does this without putting excess pressure or abuse on the joints. Plunge pools give you the benefit of a full-size pool while using up only a small part of your backyard.

With a plunge pool, it is possible for owners of small properties to have and benefit from a backyard pool. One can use their plunge pool to do swimming exercises, water aerobics, or yoga or to take a cooling dip with their closest friends during a summer get-together.


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