What Expect With New Swimming Pool Construction

What Expect With New Swimming Pool Construction

New Swimming Pool Construction

You have always dreamed of owning a pool and have finally committed to building one. After selecting a contractor and creating a design, it’s time to break ground and begin construction on your brand-new pool. What can you expect during the new swimming pool construction process over the course of the next few weeks?


Once you have designed your pool, your contractor will work with you to obtain any permits required from the city or county. You may need to obtain approval from your homeowner’s association as well.

As this is happening, your pool builder will find and mark any utility lines that will need to be addressed. They will then stake and plan the outline of your pool, indicating where the hole needs to be dug.

Breaking Ground

This is where the fun begins! Your pool builder will break ground on your pool, likely using a front-end loader or excavator. If you wish, your contractor will remove the excess dirt from your property. While digging, unexpected hiccups may occur, such as the discovery of an underground spring that has begun to leak. If there are no problems, digging the hole should only take a couple of days.

The Pool’s Base

After the hole is dug, your contractor will begin constructing the base of your pool. Your new hole in the ground will be reinforced with steel rebar, which essentially acts as a skeleton for the pool’s shell. After this is complete, plumbing will be laid within the steel rebar. A plumber will place your skimmers, cleaner lines, returns, and drains. An electrical crew may also begin working on the pool around this time, laying preliminary wiring.

The Surface

After the inter-workings are complete, the base of your pool will be poured with gunite. The gunite will need a few weeks to cure before any more work can be performed. Afterward, your pool will be plastered and finished with any additional tiling or vinyl you have requested.

The Finishing Touches

Electricians and other contractors will come out to put their finishing touches on the pool and the surrounding pool area. Landscaping will be addressed, ensuring you receive the beautiful outdoor getaway you have always dreamed of!


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