Landscaping Tips For Your New Pool

Landscaping Tips For Your New Pool

Congratulations, you’ve completed your new pool construction! The oasis that you have longed for is right in your backyard. But the process is not complete. You don’t want to look at a shell full of water in the middle of an empty backyard, do you? It’s time to landscape your new pool! Landscaping will help complete your project and define your new backyard space as a retreat and beautiful place to escape to.

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Landscaping For Aesthetics

No matter if you have chosen a curvy, lagoon-style pool or a quaint rectangular pool, the type of landscaping you choose will help define your area and the theme that you are in search of. You should choose to landscape based on three factors.

  • Do You Like It? – It’s your backyard and your pool, so be sure you are happy with it first.
  • Does It Fit Your Pool’s Theme? – Does your pool have rocks? Waterfalls? Stone? What is the look that you’re going for? Landscaping should blend with these features not clash with them.
  • Is It Native To Your Region? – Some landscaping does not do well in the Florida heat.

Finding the right balance when choosing your landscaping will help you create a green and eco-friendly space that you are excited to get home and relax at every night!

Landscaping For Practicality

You may need to landscape for practical reasons, as well. Landscaping can provide strategic drainage options that can protect your pool. If you are expected to receive significant runoff – perhaps if your pool sits at the bottom of a slope, for example – landscaping can help reduce runoff and save your pool from becoming a dirt-filled mess.

Landscaping can also be used to provide privacy. A key component of your backyard oasis, privacy is a major concern that we’ve seen from most pool owners. Trees and plants can be planted in a way that provides both audible and visual screening properties.


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