Natural Pond Swimming Pool

Natural Pond Swimming Pool

natural pond swimming pool

A natural pond swimming pool, despite what the name suggests, is much cleaner than a pond and happen to be a big selling point for families looking for a pool that is easier to maintain and easier on the energy consumption.

This type of pool also allows the homeowner to create a very natural and relaxing setting in their own backyard by incorporating the right landscaping choices with a clever pool design. Read on to see how you can create this aesthetic.

Natural Plants

Incorporating natural plants into the landscaping surrounding your pool is a great way to feel that much closer to nature. Certain aquatic plants can also be used instead of harmful and toxic chemicals that complicate the filtering process of the pool.

When designing your landscaping, keep in mind how much sun exposure there will be. The sun promotes algae growth, so the less exposure to the sun you can achieve, the better.

Concrete Molds with Stone Patterns

When creating a natural pond swimming pool, you are trying to find ways to blend in with nature as much as possible, so gravel stone is a great touch because it provides a much more natural looking landscape and aesthetic for the pool.

Ramps Instead of Stairs

You will also want to steer clear of incorporating elements that seem out of place when you are trying to blend in with your more natural surroundings. For example, get rid of the stairs in the pool and opt for the natural and subtle decline of a ramp instead.  Ponds don’t have stairs, so your natural pond swimming pool shouldn’t have them either.  Additionally, a flat bottom is typically best to incorporate into the pool design.

Other Natural Pond Pool Tips

Keep the pool design simple and use natural stone walls and water features. By incorporating a natural pond swimming pool into your backyard, you will be achieving a beautiful and serene environment while also creating a habitat for flora.




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