The 5 Hottest Pool Trends For 2020

The 5 Hottest Pool Trends For 2020

With another year comes another year’s worth of backyard pool trends. The 5 hottest pool trends for 2020 are all about functionality and style, bringing both aesthetic and functional value to your pool space. Read on for the list of the 5 hottest pool trends for 2020 that you can incorporate into your pool space.

hottest pool trends

  1. Plenty of seating – A pool space is a social space, so having plenty of seating ensures you’re creating a welcoming atmosphere for your family or your guests. Steps into the pool where guests can relax, seating areas around the pool, and sofas or lounges are all having a huge moment this year.
  1. Tanning ledge – Tanning ledges are one of the hottest pool trends, not just this year but for many years to come. These ledges provide little ones with a play area, and at around 1 foot in depth, they provide the perfect space to cool off while you’re getting some sun.
  1. Dark colors – While the pools of yesteryear may have taken full advantage of crystal clear or aqua waters, this year is all about luxury and drama. Using dark colors in your pool, you can create a sophisticated space that remains timeless. Offsetting the dark pool with light-colored decking can bring interesting contrast to your space.
  1. Stamped concrete – Plain concrete doesn’t add much to your aesthetic, but stamped concrete adds functional and aesthetic value at the same time. Stamped concrete is highly customizable, and it gives you the opportunity to play with your creativity. Swirls, natural stone shapes, and other designs are possible to match your existing design.
  1. Plunge pools – If you have a smaller backyard, you may not have the space for a full-sized pool. If you wish to keep cool in the pool this summer, plunge pools are becoming a hot trend in 2020. While you’re not going to be swimming laps in a plunge pool, it’s a great way to cool off with a few friends.


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