Ways To Heat Your Pool

Ways To Heat Your Pool

Because Tampa is not a particularly cold environment, pool owners can take advantage of their pool throughout the year. Tampa residents have a few options at their disposal when it comes to heating their pool.

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Heating Your Pool In The Summer

Florida stays much warmer during the summer, so pool owners do not have to work hard to keep their pool warm.  But, one minor installation could go a long way toward helping keep your pool at an ideal temperature.

One of the best ways to heat your pool during the summer is by installing a solar cover. A solar cover captures the sun’s rays. As a result, you’re able to heat your pool without any additional electricity costs. In fact, besides the up-front installation costs, there are little costs associated with a solar cover.

Solar covers are also beneficial because they trap heat in your pool, which can help preserve your pool’s temperature if a thunderstorm with cold rain comes through your area. Additionally, solar covers can keep debris out of your pool, reducing the time, effort, and money needed to keep your pool clean.

Heating Your Pool In The Winter

The Florida temperatures during the winter typically aren’t bad enough to keep you from using your pool, but you may have to take extra measures to keep your water temperature warm enough to swim.

If you’d like to use your pool during the winter, consider having a heater installed. Pool heaters come in a variety of styles, with gas and electric being the two most popular. Heaters can be installed into above and in-ground pools.

Installing a pool heater can be a more affordable option than having to close your pool each winter. Plus, they’ll allow you to enjoy your backyard oasis at any time throughout the year!


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