The Health Benefits of Swimming Pools

The Health Benefits of Swimming Pools

Swimming pools remind us of hot days, pool parties, decadent food, and fun. While pools certainly are hubs of fun activity, they also have serious health benefits, no matter your age. With America’s childhood obesity rates increasing each year, children and teens need to stay active while they’re young, and a pool is a good place to start a lifetime of fitness. Adults should also keep up their activity levels as they age because metabolism slows down. Today, we’re going to look at some health benefits of swimming pools.

Use Pool Exercises

Exercising in a pool is often more beneficial than on land because your natural buoyancy helps you feel weightless and therefore stronger and more eager to do activities. The pool provides natural resistance, so as you work against it, you can burn more calories. If you’re starting a fitness journey or simply want low-impact activity, try:

  • Pool Bicycling. Get into the pool’s shallow end and lean against the edge with your hands flat on the pool deck behind you to help your arms stretch. Then pedal your feet through the water as if you’re riding a bike. You can place your arms out in front of you or move them along with your legs for a bigger challenge.
  • Pool Yoga. Pool and hot tub yoga has become popular in recent years. Consider investing in instructional videos or watching them online. Featured stretches include warrior one, boat poses, downward dog, and others.
  • Hold a pool noodle in both hands and push it straight down into the water. Place your body on an even incline and try to stay stable for one to two minutes.

Get Mental

These days, many of us have high-stress jobs. Swimming laps, floating, or playing games with family and friends in the pool provides great mental rejuvenation.

Relearn How to Play

Try these games with your kids:

  • Pass the Bottle. Fill a clear bottle with pool water and have everyone sit in a circle in the pool. The object of the game is to pass the bottle back and forth without using your hands or using the same body part twice (no knee to knee, leg to leg, and so on). If you drop the bottle, you must perform a penalty task and the game starts over.
  • Popsicle. This is aquatic freeze tag. Players who are tagged must stand frozen with their hands above their heads like popsicles. “Submarines,” or those who get underwater before being touched, cannot be tagged. Submarines can unfreeze the popsicles.

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