Four Fun Swimming Pool Add-Ons

Four Fun Swimming Pool Add-Ons

Swimming Pool Add-Ons

Beyond relaxation, pools can be a fun place to spend time with your friends and family. You can make your pool extra fun with a just a few add-on features. These features create a space where you can play games, entertain, and have a great time. Here are four of the most fun swimming pool add-ons!


Waterslides are a blast. They can be added as a fun stand alone feature that you can erect whenever you’d like or they can be incorporated right into your pool design for year-round fun. Waterslides come in a variety of styles and lengths and can be added to even the smallest pool space with the right design.

Diving Board

Diving boards are another fun add-on. You can use them to do tricks or just heighten the fun of your daily fitness routine. Diving boards can only be added to pools with certain depths for safety, so make sure you consult with the pool specialists at Tampa Pool Builders to ensure it’s a good option for your pool.

Volleyball Net

Volleyball nets allow for a ton of different games that you, your family, and your guests can play together. You can have them as a stand alone feature or built right into your pool decking. They are easy to install and take down so you don’t have to worry about them interrupting your pool design when you aren’t using them.

Swim-Up Bar

For the adults, a swim up bar is a fantastic pool feature. A bar is built right into the pool space so you and your guests can lounge in the water while enjoying a margarita. You can even add stools right in the water to create the feel of a high end luxury hotel right in your own backyard.

Adding a few fun features can really take your pool design to the next level. If you have children or love to entertain consider adding some of these great features to your swimming pool space. Just make sure to consult with the experts at Tampa Pool Builders so these features are also safe for you and your guests.


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