Four Awesome Pool Party Activities

Four Awesome Pool Party Activities

pool party activities

Once you build your new pool, you’ll likely want to host your friends and family. Doing so can make for an excellent weekend and can provide you with memories that last a lifetime. Fortunately, there are activities available for both kids and adults. Below, we’ve outlined some of our favorite pool party activities that you can use the next time you host your friends and family.

Pick A Theme

One of our favorite pool party ideas for children is to pick a theme. For instance, you can consider hosting a shark-themed pool party. Have the children come dressed in their favorite shark costumes and bathing suits. Perhaps provide a shark-themed cake. Whatever theme you choose, we’re sure that your children will have a blast.

Play Games

If you designed your pool for games, we recommend taking advantage! Both children and adults alike can have fun playing pool game for hours. Consider purchasing a basketball hoop or a volleyball net that you could use for day-long entertainment.

Set Up An Outdoor Movie

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you can’t continue to have fun. If your pool deck is large enough, consider setting up an outdoor screen so that everyone can watch a movie. Provide your guests with rafts and floats so that they can relax in the pool and watch the film. Of course, if your pool is heated, the water will never get cold, and you can lounge throughout the night.

Find The Glowstick

Another game that is fun for children to play at night is “Find the Glowstick.” Someone starts with a glowstick and swims to the bottom of the pool to hide it. Then, the children can turn around as the glowstick rises to the top. The first person to jump in the pool and grab the glowstick wins! We recommend only playing this game if you have a “deep end” in your pool. Otherwise, children could get hurt when jumping into shallow water.

Are there any other pool party activities that you want to share with us? Leave a comment below!




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