Five Easy Pool Upgrades

Five Easy Pool Upgrades

easy pool upgrades

Once you’ve built a pool, you may think that you’re forever stuck with its existing design. In your defense, you’re not entirely wrong. Tearing out your existing pool, filling the hole back in, and then rebuilding a brand-new pool is not the most feasible option. However, there are ways to spruce up your pool’s design to give it a fresh, exciting new look that will revitalize your interest in your pool. Consider these five easy pool upgrades that you can take advantage of this fall

New Lighting – Modern pools feature LED lights, which are one of the most affordable ways to upgrade your pool. LED lights are energy efficient, and can be installed both below the water and anywhere in the surrounding pool area. Use different colors to let your personal style shine through and improve the ambiance of your pool

Enhanced Water Features – Consider adding a waterfall or sprayer to spice up your previous pool design. Both will provide motion and sound, immediately making your existing pool less boring

Resurface Your Pool – This can not only upgrade the look of your pool, but it can increase your pool’s longevity and prevent costly repairs in the future. When you first built your pool, you may have been limited to basic vinyl or concrete. Today, there are many aggregate finishes to choose from.

Install a Firepit – Firepits serve as an invitation for you and your guests to enjoy your pool. You can install a firepit into your existing pool deck and set up seating to instantly create a place that you’ll want to enjoy nightly. You can also incorporate firepits directly into your pool’s design

Take Advantage of Modern Technology – Many of the pool equipment products available today take advantage of technology that likely did not exist when your pool was first installed. Ask our pool contractor about what technological upgrades can be made to your pool.


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