Don’t Overlook Pool Safety During Construction

Don’t Overlook Pool Safety During Construction

When you start designing your custom swimming pool, there are plenty of things to consider. From shape to lighting to rock features and beyond, you have a wide range of design elements to pay attention to. But one thing you can’t overlook is pool safety.

While most people just think of this as putting a fence around the pool once it’s completed, there are actually some elements of the design process that can help keep your pool safer, too. If you want to maximize your pool safety, you’ll want to start as early as you can.

Design Elements For Better Safety

So just what kind of design elements can enhance the safety of your pool? Here are some of the big points to think about.

  • Surface Texture – The surface texture around your pool’s perimeter can be integral to your safety. The reason is simple – without any kind of texture it can lead to slippery surfaces that could trigger falls.
  • Depth – Pools should have various depths, but be sure you don’t go too deep or too shallow, and that you don’t have the depth change occur too quickly. Also, marking depth around the pool’s perimeter can help improve safety.
  • Ladders – Ladders shouldn’t be rare. Try to place multiple ladders in spots around the pool to ensure that it is easy for swimmers to get out of the pool if they develop cramps or become fatigued.
  • Lighting – Lighting not only adds ambiance to your pool, but can help improve the safety of those swimming at night. Lighting inside the pool as well as around it will be instrumental in making sure that no accidents occur.
  • Water Treatment – Immediate risks make it easy to overlook long-term ones, but things like your water treatment can have a big impact on it. Bacterial growth can cause problems, so be sure that you decide on a water treatment method that works and that you can maintain. Chlorine is the most common, but other options exist as well.

These basic points can be implemented into your overall design to provide the best level of safety possible for everyone enjoying your swimming pool.


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