Why Fall Is the Best Time to Build a Swimming Pool

Why Fall Is the Best Time to Build a Swimming Pool

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With fall right around the corner, it is a good time to start thinking about building your dream swimming pool. It is the ideal season for a new pool construction for many reasons, and we will cover some of those reasons below. Here is a look at why fall is the best time to build a swimming pool:

Lowest Prices

Florida has warmer weather year-round, but we do still experience a few bouts of cooler weather during the year. During these cooler months, you may find it more cost- effective to build a swimming pool.

You are also missing the height of the pool-building season, so you have a much better chance at finding a contractor that has more time to dedicate to your job rather than competing with several others at the same time.


A pool is a significant investment, but it is also considered a home improvement, so as we make our way toward the end of the year, you may be able to claim this home improvement on your taxes (please consult your tax advisor for specific advice on this).

Avoid Bad Weather and Delays

Fall weather is much milder than other seasonal weather which means you have a better chance of staying on schedule and avoiding any delays due to inclement weather conditions like those afternoon rainstorms we always seem to have.

Save on Labor and Resources

One of the more popular times people choose to install a pool is during the summer in Florida when the heat really starts to get to them. However, you will find much better prices during the fall and toward the end of the year, and you can skip over the busy season with the much higher supply and demand.

Get Ready for Pool Season

Finally, having your new pool constructed in the fall means you will be ready to go for when the weather gets warmer. You won’t have to waste valuable summer days waiting on the construction. Instead, it will be done and ready to go so you can enjoy it as soon as the weather allows it.

So, if you are thinking about a new pool for your backyard, take a closer look at all these advantages you will have when choosing to have it done during the fall months rather than the spring or summer.



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