A Look at Beach Entry Swimming Pools

A Look at Beach Entry Swimming Pools

If you want more of an upscale feeling and look for your pool, then you should take a closer look at beach entry swimming pools. This swimming pool design incorporates a gently sloping transition from your pool deck to the water. It is a popular option that is often used to replace steps.

beach entry swimming pools

The depth for this pool starts at zero and then gradually slopes to a depth of one foot. It is great for kids and provides other benefits for the pool owner as well.

The Pros of Beach Entry Swimming Pools

Beach entry pools are an attractive option and also allows kids, the elderly, and people with disabilities to enter the pool much more easily. They will not have to worry about using steps or even a ladder. They will have a very gradual transition.

The shallow water at the entry point of this pool also tends to be much warmer, which makes it a great spot to lounge or sunbathe as the kids play.


Before choosing a beach entry pool, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Size and Dimensions

You first need to consider the size of the pool you want for your backyard. This type of pool will take up more room because of the length that is needed for the transition into the water. The shape of the pool, as well as the entry width, may also have something to do with the overall size that is needed.

Pool Deck

The pool deck will also need to be considered a part of the landscaping because this kind of pool requires a different level of planning when compared to a traditional pool.


You also need to keep your budget in mind, and this is largely affected by the size of the pool, the complexity of its construction, and the kind of features and finishes you choose for the pool.


You should also consider the limitations such as water runoff and backfill. This area of the pool allows water runoff to enter the pool. So, if you have a lot of landscaping or trees around your pool, you may want to keep this in mind when building.


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