Three Benefits Of A Beach Entry Pool

Three Benefits Of A Beach Entry Pool

beach entry pool

Think about ways in which you can enter a swimming pool. You can have traditional methods like stairs and more exciting options like slides and diving boards. But, that’s pretty much all you’re limited too, right? Not quite. There is a new trend becoming more and more popular with Tampa pool owners that change the way they enter a pool, both from a practical and aesthetic standpoint.

Tampa pool owners have been installing beach entries to their pool. A beach entry, also known as a zero-entry, is a sloped surface that allows you to enter the pool water gradually. They are similar to walking into an ocean, where the water gets deeper as you walk further. If you choose to install a beach entry into your pool, it will slope until it reaches the bottom of your shallow-end, which for many is around three to four feet.

So, why are many Tampa pool owners choosing to go to with beach entryways when constructing or remodeling their pool? We’ve found that it’s primarily due to the benefits below. Here is a look at the benefits of a beach entry pool.

Safer Than Stairs

Stairs can be dangerous, especially when they are slippery. Many Tampa residents are retirees and find that a beach entry reduces their risk of slipping significantly. Additionally, many of these people also have grandchildren who love to enjoy their pool. Children tend to run around the pool. A beach entry reduces the chances of them slipping on stairs.

Also remember that even though you have a beach entryway, you can still install a handrail that will help you get in and out of the pool.

Better Aesthetics

There’s no other way to put it, a beach entry looks better than stairs. Water that runs up to your pool deck looks much better than any set of stairs. If you’re looking to create the ultimate backyard oasis, a beach entry could go a long way toward helping you achieve your goal.

Enjoy The Sun

Many find that a beach entryway also doubles as a tanning ledge. If you are looking for an area to relax, put your feet in the water, and enjoy the Florida sun, a beach entryway could be perfect for you.    



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