4 Ways a Backyard Pool Add To The Fun

4 Ways a Backyard Pool Add To The Fun

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Do you enjoy being social and inviting friends and family over to your house for parties and gatherings? Maybe you want to set up a meet and greet with some of the neighbors.

Well, a backyard pool can add to the fun and make your yard the go-to spot for many years.

A swimming pool does not just have to be a place to lounge or sneak a quick dip in to cool off on a hot day. There are so many fun games you can play and other activities you can do to maximize the fun and spend more quality time outdoors with friends and family.

Water Polo

Water polo is a classic pool game that is typically played with a few people. Usually, the players cannot touch the bottom of the pool, which means it is best played in deeper water. Players will begin by swimming around the pool, and each team will have thirty seconds to shoot a goal.

The ball can only be held in one hand, your feet cannot touch the bottom of the pool, and you cannot use the edge of the pool to aid in your shot.

Splashing your opponent is also frowned upon! The size of the pool for water polo really doesn’t matter. You will want to form smaller teams according to size and age and make sure that you have enough space to move around without bumping into one another.

If you find that you lack some space, you can dial down the number of players you use for each game.

Inflatables for Floating

With so many pool inflatables, it may be difficult to find one you love the most. While kids may like to jump around on them and play, you may find that adults would rather lay on one and float and relax in the pool.

Floating is a good way to relax, melt away stress, and enjoy the warm rays of the sun without having to lay on the sidelines.

For kids, an inflatable can be used for a game known as King of the Mountain. Choose a larger inflatable and have everyone climb on top of it. The goal of this game is to push everyone off and be the last one sitting on the inflatable.

Friendly Competitions

Other pool games can be played to encourage friendly competition while in the pool as well. Maybe you have two kids that are always finding ways to outdo each other. Have them swim a certain number of laps and see who finishes first.

Not only does this encourage them to play together, but it is also encouraging exercise.

Diving Games

If you have a deeper backyard pool, then diving games are also a fun activity you can do in the pool. Diving sticks can be thrown to the bottom of the pool, and then you can race to see who can grab them first.

Underwater darts is another diving game that tests a person’s ability to hit an underwater target using some kind of object they can throw.

Underwater obstacle courses are also a good activity for all ages. You can suspend hoops underwater and see who can dive down and swim through the hoops the fastest. It is good for beginning divers as well as advanced divers and is a fun challenge to take on.

As you can see, there are many different ways that a backyard pool can add to the fun of any party or gathering. Add in an outdoor kitchen to barbecue or grill, and you have the setup for the perfect environment for your next party.

Gone are the days of sitting around hopelessly looking for things to do to keep everyone entertained. Alongside the obvious physical benefits of having a pool including the opportunity to exercise and relax, you will find that fun is to be had as well.


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