A Look At Swimming Pool Waterfalls

A Look At Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Swimming pools have evolved over the years, and it’s become easier than ever to install a waterfall into your new or existing pool. Waterfalls make for a beautiful pool feature and are now very customizable. Swimming pool waterfalls are affordable and should be included as an easy addition to your new pool installation.

swimming pool waterfalls

Types Of Waterfalls

There are many different features available, which means a swimming pool waterfall can easily assimilate into your pool and backyard’s style. If you’re interested in installing a waterfall, consider asking your contractor about one of these three features.

  • Rock Waterfalls – These waterfalls use rocks, boulders, and concrete mortar to give a natural appearance. They are very realistic. With different color stone colors and materials available, you should be able to select one that matches your pool deck and surrounding landscape.
  • Sheer Curtain Waterfalls – These waterfalls give the impression of a clear “curtain” of water cascading over the edge. The water does not trickle but instead spills over in a neat, uniform manner.
  • Ledge Waterfalls – These waterfalls are similar to rock waterfalls, but the water spills over a particularly large, flat stone that acts as a ledge.

Cost Of Installation

The cost of your new waterfall will heavily depend on the scope of your project. The intricacy of your waterfall will determine the price. Your price will also be influenced by whether you’re installing a waterfall into a new pool or an old pool.

If you’re installing a waterfall into a new pool, your contractor will have much more flexibility, which can help reduce costs. It’s generally best to install a swimming pool waterfall during a new construction project since the design will take the necessary space, plumbing and materials into consideration.

Regardless, with so many features for different waterfalls available, you should be able to work with your contractor to select one that fits your budget.


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